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Boston Labs is Globalizing
Cell & Gene Therapies

Bridging the Gap:
Pioneering Global Access to Cell and Gene Therapy for Millions

Introducing the REALM Platform:
A Unified Solution for Cell and Gene Therapy Worldwide.

REALM: Research Engagement, Analytical, Logistics, and Manufacturing, encompasses the critical components of the clinical trial process in one streamlined platform.

The REALM platform establishes a physical presence in-country, forging partnerships with local hospitals to set up clinical sites and ensure the availability of necessary lab testing and manufacturing services.

Our commitment to breaking down logistical barriers is reflected in our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, which include on-site production facilities and adaptable mobile units. This allows us to deliver advanced therapies directly and expediently to patients in need, regardless of their geographical location.

In addition, our non-profit arm, the Global Access Alliance for Advanced Therapies (GAAAT), our non-profit arm, takes on the intricate task of navigating regional regulations. This ensures a seamless path connecting patients worldwide with potentially life-saving treatments.

Through the REALM platform, Boston Labs is democratizing access to cell and gene therapies and changing lives around the globe.

We welcome you to join us on this journey of transforming lives through unprecedented access to cell and gene therapies, one patient at a time.

The Global Gap in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

This map illustrates the current landscape of cell and gene therapy manufacturers worldwide, revealing a stark disparity. The majority are located in developed nations, leaving continents such as Africa and Latin America notably underserved. At Boston Labs, we aim to bridge this gap with our REALM platform, making advanced therapies accessible to patients globally, irrespective of their geographical location.

Proof of Concept

In December 2021 Boston Labs collaborated with Germfree Laboratories to demonstrate the feasibility of growing human cells and maintaining sterility over a 10 day period in a mobile clean room manufacturing environment.

We succeeded.

Positioned in a parking lot in Florida, the Germfree mobile cleanroom performed brilliantly. Our procedures, equipment and technical expertise came together to prove that open process sterility can be maintained in a decentralized platform. We will soon be announcing a CAR-T closed process study for Q3 2023.

Our New Boston cGMP Manufacturing Facility will be Online Q3 2023

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