Erasing the Gap:
Pioneering Global Access to Cell and Gene Therapy for Millions

Introducing the 1REALM Platform:
Pioneering Global Access to Advanced Therapies

Introducing the 1REALM Platform: Pioneering Global Access to Advanced Therapies

1REALM is pioneering a transformative movement, strategically crafted to erase the significant gap in access to advanced therapies across regions faced with logistical, infrastructural, and regulatory hurdles. By building strategic partnerships with hospitals in underserved areas, our platform directly addresses the disparities plaguing global healthcare access, ensuring that groundbreaking treatments reach those in need.

A Closer Look at 1REALM’s Approach

Central to our mission, 1REALM transcends the conventional platform model, evolving into a comprehensive ecosystem that seamlessly integrates the critical components of clinical trials and treatment processes. This innovative approach is characterized by:

  • On-Site Clinical Liaison: Embedded within each partner hospital, 1REALM appoints an on-site clinical liaison. This role is pivotal in ensuring direct and efficient communication and coordination with the sponsor’s Contract Research Organization (CRO), thereby facilitating the seamless integration of clinical trials into the hospital’s existing operations.
  • Advanced Analytical and Manufacturing Capabilities: 1REALM builds on our clinical presence by establishing state-of-the-art on-site analytical testing and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) manufacturing facilities. Strategically positioned at the point of care, this infrastructure drastically cuts the time and risk from production to patient treatment, eliminating the conventional barriers that deny access to advanced therapies.

By centralizing our operations within hospital-based systems, 1REALM not only streamlines the patient screening process for remote clinics but also ensures that our mobile units can efficiently broaden the reach of advanced therapies to regional patient populations.

In collaboration with the Global Access Alliance for Advanced Therapies (GAAAT), 1REALM cultivates a dynamic partnership encompassing the medical community, patient advocacy groups, lawmakers, and commercial partners. This collective effort is dedicated to overcoming the complex challenges associated with providing both clinical and commercial access to advanced therapies, thereby ensuring a smooth and effective process for connecting patients globally with treatments that have the potential to save lives.

Commitment to Universal Healthcare Access

Our 1REALM’s vision is clear: to eliminate the disparities in healthcare access. By dismantling the barriers that prevent advanced therapies from reaching every corner of the globe, we are not just transforming patient care; we are redefining it as a unified 1REALM where access to healthcare is recognized as a fundamental right, not a privilege. Our commitment is to a future where every individual, regardless of their geographical location, has equal access to the life-changing and state-of-the-art therapies they need.

The Global Gap in ATMP Manufacturing

This map illustrates the current landscape of cell and gene therapy manufacturers worldwide, revealing a stark disparity. The majority are located in developed nations, leaving continents such as Africa and Latin America notably underserved. At Boston Labs, we aim to erase this gap with our unified services REALM platform, making advanced therapies accessible to patients globally, irrespective of their geographical location.

Proof of Concept

In December 2021 Boston Labs collaborated with Germfree Laboratories to demonstrate the feasibility of growing human cells and maintaining sterility over a 10 day period in a mobile clean room manufacturing environment.

We succeeded.

Positioned in a parking lot in Florida, the Germfree mobile cleanroom performed brilliantly. Our procedures, equipment and technical expertise came together to prove that open process sterility can be maintained in a decentralized platform.

In 2024 we will be emerging with some exciting announcements.

Our Unified Services Model Globalizes Advanced Therapies

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